"Hail to the Thief" an Ongoing Bush Reference
As I said in the campaign "there ought to be limits to freedom"
-- and now there will be.
Joe Stalin, John Ashcroft, and I welcome you to the coming nightmare. We control the legislature and the administration; kiss any semblance of government "by the people for the people" good-bye.

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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin
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The Bush Creed
Bush Regime Policy Book
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Bumbling Bush
Quotes by and About
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Bush Parody and Serious Links
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Bad News Bush
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Bush $ Contributors

Bush Humor-On Site

Bush Protest Art
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Bush Not - Raps and Poems

Bush Election Irregularities

Bush Analysis

The Bush Regime Presents
Dark Clouds for America
Meet the most powerful organized crime family in the world
Bush Cabinet and Inner Circle
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Bush Senior
GW Bush
Dick Cheney

Donald Rumsfield John Ashcroft Gail Norton Condeleeza Rice Karl Rove Ann Venerman Tom Ridge Spencer Abraham Mitchell Daniel Robert Zolleck

Alberto Gonzales Andrew Card Ari Fleischer Christie Whitman Colin Powell Don Evans Elaine Chao John Snow Norman Mineta Tommy Thompson

Bush Supreme Court - Their Motto: 'Never let the constitution get in the way'

Antony Kenndy Clarence Thomas William Rehnquist Sandra Day O'Connor Antonin Scalia

Bush appointments with criminal records (Poindexter, Abrams, Negroponte, Reich,Abrams)
Chicken Hawks in/associated with the Bush Administration(off site link)
also see other advisors and appointments
Graham, Griles, Pickering, Owen, Hager, Pfotenhauer, Dorr, Horn, Furchtgott-Roth, Williams, Huntsman, Lay, Hager

These are only the top members of the Gang, the President can appointment over 500 people in the first year of office
Official list of appointments