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Press Release from Bush's Campaign Leadership

A draft press release, apparently written by the Bush campaign's "inner leadership circle", was leaked (11-1-00) to www.KnowTheCandidates.org. A shorter version was also sent to http://www.georgebush2000.com/preview1.html.

"Leaked" press release:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. January 2001 -- The Republicans now control all aspects of the Federal Government. The best and brightest minds are in control of our nation's future.

Top issues this session are: prayer in school, flag burning, missile defense system (star wars), gutting pollution standards, repealing the endangered species act and opening the national wildlife refuges to hunting and oil drilling.

We will make every effort to overturn Roe v. Wade, and pack the Federal Courts with right-thinking evangelical judges and appointees. When our appointments are in place, we will complete some of our more pressing agenda items such as banning dangerous children's books like "Harry Potter" and theories like "Evolution."

We want to thank our corporate sponsors and their officers for the record setting one-hundred million dollars in contributions we received. Also special appreciation to the major TV and Radio media for courting our large advertising budget with that very important uncritical, free support we received early in the campaign. We are deeply indebted to the media for excluding those pesky, third party candidates in their coverage who may have fettered the debate with tangential issues like the environment, election reform, human rights and sustainable economics.

Our administration is particularly indebted to more than 50% of the American public who did not vote because our polling shows that we could not have made it if they had voted."


The recent CNN/USA TODAY/GALLUP POLL showing Bush clearly ahead has Bush's major campaign supporters ecstatic.

Apparently, in an effort to keep up the avalanche of contributions from major donors, an early draft press release of the future under a Republican administration was prepared showing that Bush was solidly behind the donor's agenda.

The draft of the press release was rumored to have been written by NRA (National Rifle Association) VP Wayne LaPierre, who recently helped raise over $250,000 for Bush's campaign, and NRA, VP Kayne Robinson, who reportedly boasted ...we will have a president where we can work out of his office. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson of the religious right also are rumored to have contributed to the draft language.