Candidate Evaluations for General Elections
Year 2000 and
Elected Officials Evaluations

Introduction to Election 2000

Candidate Evaluations:
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US Presidential Race - Comprehensive Analysis

State of California

Alameda County, California
Mendocino County and Cities, California
Sonoma County and Cities, California
Berkeley, California
Oakland, California
San Franciso, Calfornia
Assembly District 6, Calfornia

Elected Officials Evaluations (not candidates in November 2000)
Mendocino County, California
Sonoma County CVA Report Card (external link)
Also see Scorecards Below

Links to Scorecards, Evaluations and Contribution Records For State and Federal Elections

also see Reference Links page for a more complete list of links

VoteWatch Index - Sierra Club
US Congress Environmental Votes
California League of Conservation Voters - Ecovote Online
California State Senate and Assembly Environmental Votes
Sierra Club Voter Information
Sierra Club State by State Endorsements
League of Conservation Voters
US Congress Environmental Votes
Paw Pac Scorecard
California State Senate and Assembly Animal Protection Votes
Paw Pac Endorsements
California State Senate and Assembly Endorsements
Humane Oregon Scorecard
Oregon State Senate and House Animal Protection Votes
HumaneUSA Endorsements - Federal
Endorsements for Federal Elected Officials
HumaneUSA Endorsements - State
Endorsements for some States Elected Officials and Ballot Measures
HSUS Scorecard US Senate Animal Protection Votes
HSUS Scorecard US House of Representatives Animal Protection Votes
Protect Animals on Election Day 2000 (many different states, Propositions on ballots)
San Francisco Animal Welfare Coalition Endorsements
Endorsements for the San Franciso Board of Supervisors
Sonoma County Conservation Action Homepage
Sonoma County California Elected Official's Evaluation
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
US Congress Votes, Campaign Contributions and Candidate Questionnaires
Voter Information Services
Many political scorecards (or summaries) from groups who track federal representatives
Public Citizen
Campaign Contribution Tracking
Common Cause
Campaign Contributions
California Secretary of State - contributions
Data available thanks to legislation sponsored by Sen. Betty Karnette D-Long Beach
This site has a fairly comprehensive look at Presidential Candidate's finances (contributions and assets) plus other inside information.
CNN's contribution reports
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Monitors major-media misinformation and blackout of significant events/stories
Tracks campaign contributions including money from anti-environmental PACS

See Reference Web Link section for a more comprehensive list of contribution tracking links

Has several good articles on the Presidential Candidates in current and archieves.
Along with the Project Vote Smart site(see scorecard section), probably best site that
attempts objectivity and covers many areas of the political world.
also know as Skeletons. Hidden news on most of the major political figures
Communicating with Elected Officials
Best methods of contact and statistics on how much mail and email officials receive and how they process it
Email and mail addresses for federal elected officials