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Harry Browne, Libertarian Party, (analysis of Browne below links )
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Browne and the Issues
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Campaign, Election Reform: 2

Browne is against any limits on campaign donations no matter who they come from, corporations, unions, individuals.
He is for term limits, 6 years in the House, 12 years for senators.

Judicial Reform

Civil: No score
A search of Browne statements did not provide information to determine what his policies would be if elected. This is somewhat disappointing because in the past Libertarians have recommended positive changes in the court systems, giving more power to juries and more access to the court system by the average citizen.

Crimina: 7

Browne advocates de-criminalizing drug-user crimes which would make expensive jail space available for violent offenders. He basically applies this logic to all "victimless" crimes without naming those other crimes. He does not address the issue of violent crime in detail other than to say that he is against mandatory sentencing.

Environment and Animal Protection: 4

Browne acknowledges and goes into some detail on the government's role in environmental pollution and offers some solutions to that problem. He basically denies corporate complicity in pollution (except of public assets). He postulates that corporations and individuals almost never harm their own assets (employees, land or water)!

Unfortunately, this shows extreme naivete about the business cycle and the pressure local plant managers are under to make a profit (or increased profit) within a short time, sometimes less than a year. There is overwhelming evidence that this causes all sorts of local pollution.

He does not acknowledge global warming and would not sign any treaties relating to it.

Animal Protection is never directly addressed in the material available.

Browne's use of "trespassing" laws to allow citizens to solve some environmental enforcement problems without resorting to large bureaucracies is unique.

Media Reform: No score

Browne basically never addresses this issue directly or indirectly. Related statements would indicate that he would probably have a hands-off attitude toward TV and radio and a highest-bidder-policy with no concern about how many outlets the highest bidder already owned in one region.

Basic Humane Rights: 6

On domestic rights of free speech and individual freedom, Browne's positions are an improvement over current policies. His military policies (a consistent non-interventionist) would in the long run indirectly help human rights abuses around the world. Browne's current policies of trading with any country with no restrictions regardless of human rights abuses would not be helpful.

Sustainable Economics: 5

If we were not in such a mess, Browne's "hands-off the rights of the individual as long it does not violate other indivduals rights" would be an improvement over our current situation. Unfortunately, very large corporations and government institutions are very entrenched and got there by violating many individual rights and stealing individual's property. Browne acknowledges government violations but ignores those committed by corporations which dramatically interferes with achieving a stable economic base.

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