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This site is not affiliated with any political party and attempts to be nonpartisan.

Make a Difference - Be an Informed Voter

Suffragettes Voting

This site will attempt to rate political office candidates and incumbents who are particularly bad or good in contrast to their opponents on the issues listed below.

1. Campaign Finance Reform, Election Reform
2. Judicial Reform
3. Media Reform and Public Access to Information
4. Basic Human Rights
5. Environmental and Animal Protection
6. Sustainable Economics

In addtion to the existing sections. Coming soon......

Political Facts you can instantly submitt and have displayed on the web, plus a Knowledge Game with political overtones.

Political Humor and cartoons- Coming soon

Movies with a Message - now available

This site is an on-going construction project. If you would like to contact us for information or submissions click here. and .com are not affiliated with any of the external sites with links appearing on this site.

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