Presidential Candidates in Primaries for 2004 Election
Evaluating candidates on substance not personality, real deeds not rhetoric.

On this site we will publish a detailed evaluation of as many of the declared candidates as we can find reasonably reliable information on the following issues:
Campaign, Election Reform
Judicial Reform (Civil & Criminal)
Media Reform
Environmental and Animal Protection
Basic Human Rights
Sustainable Economics

As an example see scorecard and detailed write-ups for candidates in the 2000 General Election published by this site.
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Helpful Information about the 2004 primaries and candidates:
Primary dates; Democratic Candidates and websites; Republican Candidates ; Other Parties

State Primary Dates and * Tentative Dates

January 13th, 2004
District of Columbia Presidential Primary*

January 19th, 2004
Iowa Presidential Caucuses

January 27th, 2004
New Hampshire Presidential Primary Election

February 3rd, 2004
Arizona Presidential Preference Election
Delaware Presidential Primary*
New Mexico Democratic Party Caucuses*
Missouri Presidential Primary
South Carolina Presidential Preference Primary

February 4th, 2004
Oklahoma Presidential Primary

February 7th, 2004
Michigan Presidential Caucuses
Washington Democratic Party Presidential Caucuses

February 10th, 2004
Virginia Presidential Primary

March 2nd, 2004
California Presidential Primary
Connecticut Presidential Primary
Georgia Presidential Preference Primary
Maine Presidential Preference Primary*
Maryland Presidential Primary
Massachusetts Presidential Primary
Ohio Presidential Primary
Rhode Island Presidential Primary
Texas Presidential Primary*
Vermont Presidential Primary

March 9th, 2004
Florida Presidential Primary
Louisiana Presidential Preference Election
Tennessee Presidential Primary

March 16th, 2004
Illinois Presidential Primary

April 6th, 2004
Wisconsin Presidential Primary*

April 27th, 2004
Pennsylvania General Primary

May 4th, 2004
Indiana Presidential Primary
North Carolina Presidential Primary

May 11th, 2004
West Virginia Presidential Primary

May 18th, 2004
Arkansas Presidential Primary
Kentucky Presidential Primary
Oregon Presidential Primary

May 25th, 2004
Idaho Presidential Primary

June 1st, 2004
Alabama General Election
Mississippi Presidential Primary
New Mexico Republican Presidential Primary
South Dakota Presidential Primary

June 8th, 2004
Montana Presidential Primary
New Jersey Presidential Primary

August 17th, 2004
Wyoming Presidential Primary*

August 24th, 2004
Alaska Presidential Primary

September 7th, 2004
Nevada Presidential Primary

Democratic Candidates declared for New Hampshire Primary including websites:
(alphabetical order)

Carol Moseley Braun
Former U.S. Senator, Ill.

Wesley Clark
Retired General

Howard Dean
Former Vt. governor

John Edwards
U.S. Senator, N.C.

Richard Gephardt
U.S. House, Mo.

Bob Graham
U.S. Senator, FL.

John Kerry
U.S. Senator, Mass.

Dennis Kucinich
U.S. House, Ohio

Joe Lieberman
U.S. Senator, Conn.

Rev. Al Sharpton
Civil rights leader

A link that compares Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich

All declared Democratic Presidential Candidates from:

Warren Roderick Ashe
Donald Paul Award
Sanderson Beck
Jerry G. Beck
James 'Jim' K Bollinger
Carol Moseley Braun
Patrick Cazneau
Howard Dean
John Reid Edwards
John Estrada
Richard Andrew 'Dick' Gephardt
James Irvin Glover
Daniel Robert 'Bob' Graham
Albert 'Al' Hamburg
Amanda Lou Hardy
John Forbes Kerry
Dennis J. Kucinich
Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche
Joseph I. Lieberman
Steven P Malloy
Kenneth Ray Mcfaddin
Sherry Ann Meadows
Reverend Grady Dean Mollenhour
Frederick Eugene Ogin
Fern Penna
Adam Michael Safran
Craig Eric Sharp
Reverend Alfred 'Al' Sharpton
Bill Pearman
Tony G. Van Pelt
Evelyn Louise Vitullo
Lucian Jacob Wojciechowsk

All declared Candidates running for President in Republican Party

Albertha Moullrie Brinson
Edie Bukewihge Republican Candidate for U S President & Senate -2004
George W. Bush
Reverend Dr. Calvin Otis Butts
Franklin Dean Christensen
Thomas S. Fabish
Lowell Jackson 'Jack' Fellure
Mildred T. 'Millie' Howard
Yehanna Joan Malone
James John Prattas
Louis J. Rapuano
Keith Harold Slinker

Other Parties and Independents declared for Presidential Primaries:

Green Party
None declared only potential as of 4-03

Libertarian Party Candidates for President
Michael J. Badnarik
Kip Lee
Gary P. Nolan

Natural Law
None declared as of 4-03

Reform Party 4-03
None declared

Independent Candidates for President
Judith A. Anderson
Kenneth Myron Bonnell
Reverend Father J. Boydston
Angelo Scott Brown
Jerry Leon Carroll
Joseph Charles
David Curcio
Jenny Edwards
Lonnie Danell Frank
Hoover Mark Gee
Darren Eugene Karr
Robert Lee
Joseph Martyniuk
Andrew George Merritt
Leon Motor
Gregory R. 'Greg' Nason
Charles Anton Phillips
Andrew Mark Rotramel
Joe C. Schriner
Freddy Irwin 'Messiah' Sitnick
Brian Baker Springfield
Pres La Tompkins
Lemuel Leon Tucker
Robert B. Winn
Michael T. Witort